Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!!!!

So, the last post that I wrote was on June 21st and it was of this...
Photo: Its real! Let the offers start rolling in!

That had happen on that day and it was a huge decision and scary and just about any other adjective you can think of describing a huge change in our lives. Five days later we had an offer and our house was sold. We were thrilled that things had worked the way they did as we were selling for very close to what we had wanted to get and it was all just about as perfect and easy as you could ever believe. You know the old saying "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is", well this means a whole different thing to us now. I will go back to this later. 

Dan had been given notice that he could transfer to the St George office in January so that is what we went forth with. He will commute until something comparable comes through for him here. We thought, OK, we will put the house up for sale and see what happens and hope to have it sold in time to move so that Aubree and Jake could start school at the beginning of the school year. Well, our 25th anniversary was on the 8th of July and we had been planning a trip to Vegas for a few days to celebrate. This trip also turned into a job interview and house hunting. It was then that we found our house here. Dan had been in contact with a Realtor that helped find rentals as well and he was really good. We saw several houses with several different price ranges but this one felt like home (to me anyway) from the moment we stepped in it. I felt very sure of my interview and was comfortable that I would have a job so we decided to go for it. Plus, with the pending sell of the UT house we could pay off most of our other things so it would be affordable. Well, lets just say that because of a really bad mortgage company (I've hated them from the beginning) not doing what they said they were and the jobs I thought I had, still being up in the air, we are now somewhat stressed. We should know better, nothing ever happens for us without a fight and us having to regroup and redo, but we are here, at least most of us, and happy and loving our new house. Here are a few pics...

 Obviously above is the outside. Top right is from the corner of the room from the front. This is just the "Living Room". It has like 20 ft ceilings. There are tons of windows which I love. It's just so open!
 To the left is from the front corner looking toward the tv room and kitchen/dining. The hallway to the left is the laundry room and Megan bedroom/bath. 

Above is the opposite corner to the front. There is a bathroom and the door to the garage to the right front. There are tons more. There is a huge kitchen and a giant back yard (which Chandler loves). I will try and post more pics soon, but I can't retrieve them right now. The comment was made the other day that we could almost put our entire UT house in just the two rooms on the one side of this house. It probably isn't actually that big, but it is nice and definitely different. 

It would be very ungrateful of me to not express the love I have for Dan and the fact that all of this has been done in large part for me. I was dreading another winter healthwise and had many other issues going on in UT. I have felt like we needed to be here for a very long time and it has been a struggle and a point of disagreement between us for a while. I believe though that we are here for a reason. What that reason is, I don't know, but I am starting to really feel as though in the end, it will be because there is something here for Dan, which in turn makes things better for us. He is sacrificing so much right now for us and really always has, but I feel like things are about to change for the good. They really already have, but as always as it is for us, we have to fight to get to it. It's our turn to be happy and have a chance to excel. We can spread our wings here in a way we couldn't in UT. We are missing Dan a lot and he is missing us, but all will hopefully come together soon so we can be altogether again.  Kyler has chosen to stay in UT and is moving into an apartment with friends. He has to do it sometime. I hope it works out for him. He did come down last week and help us get moved in and then returned with Dan on Sunday. 

Well, there is a lot more to say and many more pics, but that will have to be on another post sometime in the near future. 


Donna K. Weaver said...

What a great house.

Good luck with the job hunting!

Christy Hansen said...

I neglected to mention that we had the best Realtor on the planet. We met with a few and all of them were very much giving us dismal projections. This guy was honest and upfront and told us we weren't nuts in thinking we could do what we were doing and then he proved how good he was when he sold the house in less than a week for pretty close to what we were asking. He stayed with us through the entire process, which wasn't as easy as it should have been and then he was there at closing. He was wonderful and if anyone ever needs a realtor,he's your guy. Also, we would not have been or still be able to do what we are without the help of the Caspers and the Petersons. Also all of Megans friends that showed up to help us. There were some other family and a couple neighbors as well. Thank you!

Ian Bird said...

I know we moved away a long time ago and rarely had the chance to see you guys, but I want you to know that we think the world of you and Dan and the kids and wish you the best in your new adventure.

You are never crazy when your efforts are chasing a dream and doing what you think is right for your family. It takes tremendous courage - but hopefully it has great reward!

Good luck - and if we happen to pop down to or through St. George maybe we'll look you up and say hi! :)


Christy Hansen said...

Thanks Ian. That would be fun to see you. We have had more people say they are coming to visit since we moved here last week that we did in like a year in Orem...LOL!