Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One Year Ago

One year ago today, I did something that I thought long and hard about. I knew it would be a huge life change, but I also knew that it would be good for me. This is what I looked like 1 year ago...

 When I look back at these pictures, it makes me pretty sad. I really can't believe this was me. So unhappy and so unhealthy. Not comfortable with having my picture taken. I cannot even put the pants I was wearing on anymore and keep them up. It really is a good thing I have these pictures to look at though. I have really been struggling with the fact that I did not make my goal. It seemed so simple when I set it, and about 6 months into it, I was so sure I would make it I didn't even really think about it. Well, when I got to about 8 months post surgery, I stopped losing weight. I haven't gained any, but I haven't lost anymore either. Leaving me depending on the day, 10 to 15 pounds under my goal. I have lost 85-90 pounds altogether. I am really very proud of myself for doing this at all and for sticking to it (for the most part, I do have days that are REALLY hard). 

I saw some one today who had the same surgery about 6 months before I did and she looks to good and SO skinny. I looked at her and thought "she looks familiar", then Dan said, you remember ______ don't you? I said "OH MY GOSH!" She looked wonderful. For a few minutes I felt really sorry for myself, but I then decided that I have to be happy and proud of myself for what I have accomplished. 

I can now share clothes with Aubree, which is very cool and that makes me very happy. She is 13. I don't remember fitting in any clothes that size since I was like 12. This I don't understand because I am literally not that small, but I am trying to be happy with where I am. I cannot exercise like most people who have this because of my disabilities, so to have lost almost 100 pounds with minimal exercise means the world to me. So now I will post a few chronologically taken pictures of me...

3 months

5 months

7 months

OK, so I haven't lost any more since this picture was taken, so I'll have to use this for the new one. It is taken in the same spot as the before pic. See a difference?? :-) :-)

Thanks to everyone who has supported me/us in this. It really is a family thing and having the support of family and friends is paramount!!