Saturday, June 21, 2014


Well, if there is any one sure thing in life, it's change. This one is so exciting...and scary...and exciting...and terrifying! At least we finally came to a decision and things are seeming to come together for us. All we can do is hope it continues. 

This happened today...

Photo: Its real! Let the offers start rolling in!

No, Chandler Bing, the dog, does not go with the house. He has just become very clingy to me since he came back from the quarantine, so the fact that I was outside made it so he needed to be as well. He has been a sort of snappy as well since returning. I have wondered if something happened to him while he was there or with the police man or whether this is simply because he was in solitary away from any other contact for 10 days and feels nervous that it will happen again. At any rate, he is biting more now than before and we are looking for obedience classes to "nip" this in the bud...pun intended. He really is a good dog. Not sure what has triggered all of this behavior. Makes me sad. 

Anyway... We are doing a major "blitz" as Dan calls it and getting the house ready for showings. We know there are a few things that are not perfect, but we will get them as good as we can and hope there is someone out there who wants to buy our house anyway ;-) I have already seen a few people taking down the number. We saw out neighbors family looking at the sign and writing things down, so hopefully this happens quickly. Our hope is that the house will sell quickly so we can get our new place in order to be there for Aubree and Jake to start out the new school year in their new schools. 

Tonight it seems a little surreal. Somewhat emotional to me. I am thrilled to be finally moving on with this new stage of our lives, but this has been our home for a long time and it is kind of like leaving a part of our lives behind. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled beyond explanation to finally not have to hurt all of the time and be able to spread my wings and be me, just a little sad to leave what has been a part of us for a long time. 11 years in this house and 5 1/2 in the place across the street. It's a pretty huge life change. One that has been a long time coming though. 

With this move, comes some interesting new stresses for Kyler and Megan. They are now adults, working jobs and have to make several decisions about their lives. Do they stay here and keep their jobs and take the leap of living on their own in a completely different state than the rest of us, or do they make the move and get jobs in the new place. Do they leave their friends and comfort zones? Lots of decisions for them. Aubree is excited to get a fresh start in a new place and is raring to go. Jake is coming around. He was very worried that he would not be able to play football if we moved, but we have let him search for houses and things and contribute that way and is very thorough in his research and while looking at some of this places and found which school he would go to and found football at all of them ;-) Only thing he has found not so great is that there is only German offered at some schools. He now looks for those schools. He took German last year and is really liking it. He wants to be able to talk with Anna in German and her family as well. I think letting him be involved in some of the decisions is a good things and he is finally getting excited. Not that he would let you know this at this time. 

Well, this is what is going on right now in our lives. We are in limbo, but a good limbo and a focus on the future. It does look promising...FINALLY, and we are working hard to keep our eyes on the goal, even though we are exhausted with moving already, and have only moved in to a storage unit...LOL! It is a lot easier when you see  good things in your future. 

Please wish us luck in our endeavors and send anyone you know who wants a house our way ;-) 


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