Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where Are We?

Where are we?  Somewhere between Orem, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada.  We have been attempting to leave the state of Utah for Christy’s health and because we just want warmer weather.  Christy has been scouring the internet for jobs in my field in other states and found some leads.  I applied for a job in Clark County, Nevada’s Attorney General’s office as a manager in the enforcement division last September.   It’s a slight step up from where I am now, but working a union job in a swing state, with a union contract with an automatic pay increase each year.  I was told in early November that I did not get an interview, and we thought the matter was dead.  In December, I received an e-mail saying that the job has been re-posted and that my application will be submitted.  Early in January I received an invitation to interview e-mail on a Friday afternoon, and I had to wait until Monday to call.  When I called on Monday, they wanted me to come in and do an assessment on Friday and then interview on Monday.   The idea of a weekend in Vegas sounded wonderful, but taking our only family car down and having no money the whole weekend did not.  They were able to move things around and get my interview on Friday Morning and the assessment on Friday afternoon.  I drove down the night before, stayed in a hotel in Mesquite, and then headed to Vegas in the morning.  I left way early, and stopped to take some pictures in the desert.  I drove by the air force base and watched an F-14 fly around the valley.  I went to the temple and took a few shots.  I drove by the building where the interview was to take place so that I knew where it was.  I still had about two hours before the interview.   I looked up the nearest Starbucks on my phone and it was located in a Target,  I ducked in for a warm beverage and used their wi-fi to play word with friends and check my e-mail.  Still had an hour so I toured the Target in a suit and got a bunch of strange looks.  I arrived about 15 minutes early for the interview and went through the metal detectors shoeless and beltless before the security guard told me that I just needed to give them my name and I could have walked through without getting naked.  I had to complete a background check release and wait for the interview to start.  The interview was with four people, including the assistant D.A that runs the office.  I think it went well.  I answered their questions, created dialogue, and even made them laugh a few times.  With that part of the day over, I decided to grab some lunch and tried to stop several places, but ended up at hooters.  I had a good chicken salad and then headed back for the assessment.  It was a brutal multi-page test consisting of math, management and union contract questions.  I think I did fairly well on it, but I have received no feedback yet. Immediately after the assessment I jumped in the Tahoe and flew home.  Christy followed my drive home on her phone using the gps on my phone.                
As I await the results and (hopefully) pending job offer, I contemplate what a family life in Vegas would be like.  We are waiting to make the big decisions until there is an offer. We are not yet sure if we would sell or rent the house.  Not sure if we would all move down immediately or I f I would go alone for a month or two while the loose ends and tied up here.  These are the things that can wait.  For now we just sit, wait and dream of warmer weather.