Thursday, November 22, 2012

Annual Thanksgiving Gratitude Post

I always feel a little weird for posting this sort of post only on or around Thanksgiving every year, but also feel like it's important that everyone knows (and I remember) that I really am very thankful for my life and those in it. So with that said, here goes...

First off, I cannot adequately verbalize how grateful I am to Dan. How thankful I am for finding him, especially when I did. I have had the joy of being with the love of my life since I was 15. He is amazing and I can't express enough how grateful I am for him. He works so hard for us and our kids. There is no way I could ever thank him enough, or thank God enough for sending him to me and giving me the joy of living my life with him. 

I am grateful to have a home. It isn't spectacular or pristine,  but it is enough for us and a safe comfortable place we can be a family. 

I am grateful for my kids, permanent and temporary. It isn't always easy and we are at this point living in teenage world, but I love them and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a mother. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to have Anna in our family for some time. It is a special experience to have the privilege of being a temporary mother to her, to get to know her and learn of her personality and get to know her family a little and their traditions. I'm also grateful that I can tease and joke with her grandmother and get to know her a little better as well. I am excited to meet her parents in the summer when they come to get Anna. 

I am grateful for my cats, Tazzy and Speedy. They are wonderful pets who love and care for me and for all of us. I really miss Sam, but I am convinced he is with a great family and in a place where he can run and play. I still miss Buddy sometimes, but I am grateful for the opportunity I had to enjoy the time I had with them and for the snuggles and entertainment that the cats still give. 

I am grateful that there is good education nearby that makes it so Kyler has the opportunity to go to college and hopefully get a good job doing something he enjoys and that will sustain him throughout his life.  

I am very grateful for family, extended and more. Family doesn't always mean blood and I have a large one of all kinds. This is a sustaining factor of my life. 

I would love to say I am grateful for my health, but that wouldn't be the truth, so what I will say is that I am grateful that I am still alive and able to do many things. There are many days that I can't do the things I would like or need to do, and sometimes I don't deal with things the way that would probably be best, but I have a husband who loves me through it and family and friends for support. This is literally a life sustaining factor. 

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day, filled with family and gratitude and that the next year is filled with wonderful things.