Sunday, July 25, 2010

3 Months - a little late

This is a picture of me at my sister in law's baby shower. It was days after the official 3 month anniversary of my surgery. At this point I was somewhere between -58 and -60 pounds. This is the first picture I have seen that I can actually see a difference. As of today I am -63 and hoping the trend continues. I have had to get new clothes and wear a belt most of the time. This is a new experience for me. I don't think I have worn a belt in like 25 years. (In case you need to do the math, that makes me 12). When I got the belt it was purely for necessity, but as the days have passed I have decided I like it. I hope no one takes this as being conceited or something. This is just something I have waited a LONG time for and I haven't been successful like this before (weight wise anyway) and I am proud of myself for doing it. Hopefully I am being a good example to my family now instead of putting them in a dangerous situation.

This is a mini photo shoot that Dan did of me. He liked the sunset, but it appears that we missed the really pretty part. It was really pretty.

Three days ago I was walking through my kitchen, not very quickly because I don't do anything fast, when I slipped on something and had a very non graceful fall. While I don't remember passing out or anything, I found myself lying flat on my tile floor in horrific pain. I have a problem with my neck that is ongoing and if I lift my head to far backwards I pass out. The theory is that I flung my head back too far and must have passed out for a second. After lying there crying for a minute, Dan helped me into a chair. We were confident everything was going to be OK and then one side of my face (any guesses which one?) swelled up and my leg and arm lost all function instantly. At this point between the pain and the loss of function it was decided that I needed to be check out by a doctor, but I couldn't walk. Dan called the paramedics and they came in and strapped me to a board, taped my head down and had things holding my head still. Very much taking precaution in case I had broken my neck or something. They took me to UVRMC where I can't get in to much because it gets me very upset. Lets just say that if it hadn't been for the doctor that they finally called to get rid of me, I don't know if I would have made it out of the hospital without being taken straight to jail for tearing up the ER. They did do an xray and made sure my neck wasn't broken, but that was it until the last doc. He gave me a shot for the immense pain I was in and did a bunch of neuro tests where he determined that I was not faking it. Long story short, I was brought home and carried in the house and just like the doc said, started getting feeling back the next morning. I am still very weak and slow, but getting better. It's just very hard to be back in this pace again, trying to fight my way to "normality" whatever that is. Sometimes I just get lost.
OK, well, that is all I am going to type tonight. Maybe I'll have more later. Thanks for reading.