Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Well, things around here are about to change. For some time now I have been thinking and wondering what I could do to make things better for our family. Since I got sick almost 7 years ago, Dan has had to work 2, sometimes 3 jobs to make ends meet. We have done all sorts of things to keep things good. There are also many other personal reasons for the decision I finally came to and then pleaded with Dan to agree to. 

It has been quite difficult for me over the past several months to feel right being at home, and nothing else. Since our announcement to leave the church, even before, it has been extremely lonely for me. All of the kids are older now and don't need me here 24/7. Thus, there was an option that I came to. So here goes the big announcement:

I now have a job! I will be working in the Accounts Creation Department at Vivint. I will, at least for a short time be working with Dan until I can get a different shift. We have checked in to how to work through this with Social Security. I am very excited to be doing this. I have been very careful to make sure to only apply for things that don't require me to be physically active or lifting things. I am very aware that I could not do anything that would be harsh on my body. 

I would ask that you all be happy and support me/us in this decision. We feel it is going to be a very good thing for me and for our family.