Monday, June 11, 2012

The Long Awaited Day Has Arrived

I am writing this post as I sit in the waiting room at LDS hospital for Dan to get out of surgery. We have waited for this day to arrive for an entire year now. A few months/weeks ago we weren't even sure if it ever would. Thankfully it did and Dan is now in the process of having a life changing surgery. I can't even begin to explain how much this will change his life for the better. It's a hard road to try so hard to lose weight and not be able to no matter what you do. I have been so excited for him since we got the approval for this. It's so exciting to think that our kids and I are going to get back the husband and father that Dan "wants" to be. He wants to go hiking and to the amusement parks and stuff with his kids and now he will be able to do it. 

Here are a couple of pics from earlier today.

Anyway, I don't have a whole lot else to say about this right now. Hopefully I will tomorrow. 

Since I last posted, Kyler graduated from 4 years of seminary and passed his GED test on the first shot 113% above average. We are very proud of him. Now we are in the process of securing financial aid and getting him enrolled in college. 

The other 3 kids finished their school year. Megan will now be a Junior and Aubree a Freshman, with Jake in the 6th grade. We chose to pull the girls out of Maeser and put them in their assigned schools. It was a long hard decision, because we love Maeser's method of teaching and SOOO many people there, but some of the decisions made by the board over the past year were just not things we could agree with. Plus, we are hosting exchange students this year. One for 3 weeks in July. Her name is Ambre Thevenon and she is from France. The the other one is Anna Bahss, and she is from Germany. She will be with us for the entire next school year. She could not go to Maeser and has to go to Timpanogos. We think that having Megan there will be good for both of them. They have similar interests, and we think they will be in the same grade. 

We also got a kitten about a month ago. Her name is Speedy Gonzales Hansen.  

She lives up to her name. She is everywhere. She is so cute though and very loving. We just had her fixed this past Saturday. She wasn't happy about it, but is doing well. 

Rebecca is not living with us anymore. She is with her dad. We all feel this is best at this time. We are taking care of her dog Tazz until she can take him. Sometimes life just takes a turn you don't want or expect, but turns out for the best. We wish her good luck and hope she knows we love her. 

I think that is about it for now. I'll try to update later.