Saturday, April 19, 2014

We Can Do Hard Things...At Least That Is the Myth

Since the last time I posted there have been quite a few things go on. I can't say they are bad or good, or happy or sad or whatever. They have just been. 

Dan transferred teams at his job. It was a lateral move, so he did not get a promotion/demotion or anything like that, just the same position for a different team. It's back doing what he did when he first started working for ORS. It has been a little stressful for him, as it has been over 8 years since he was doing that particular job and things have changed. So he was somewhat stressed from learning this new job again. 

The last post on this blog was about my job catching fire. Since that fire, we have been moved around to several new buildings and such while they try to get everything settled. I have rolled with it, but it has been pretty hard some days trying to adjust but never having a stable place. After all of the moving around we have landed back in the same place we started. At the corp office. It's nice. During this time though, our company rolled out a new system for the entire company to use. It has been very frustrating learning this system, as it has not been easy for anyone, but I am starting to get it. This also meant that Megan was learning this new system as well. Needless to say, our home was pretty tense for a few days. Also, during this time I interviewed for a new position withing the company and once again go turned down, twice! Life gets hard with so many let downs. Also in the meantime, Kyler was preparing to move to South Carolina. We had to plan for and make a trip for Dan to drive out there with him. They seemed to enjoy themselves and I think it was a good thing for them to have this time together to maybe bond a little. Finding an airplane ticket was insane. We could not believe how much it cost for a one way ticket. Shuffling the finances for this proved to be another huge stress. Dan kept saying he was going to have to walk home from SC and that he would see us in May. UGH!! We finally did get the ticket purchased and he did make it home. This experience as a mother has been hugely emotional for me. I have tried my best not to be that mom who won't cut the apron strings, but sometimes it's hard. He is the first one and things did not go as planned or easy at all. I worry about him a lot, but am so proud of him for taking this leap into independent adulthood. Even though it's hard. As a mother, it's hard to watch your kids suffer and I will always do everything I can to help, but try and let them work it through first. 

Kyler is now living and working in Columbia, South Carolina. It has been a somewhat bumpy start, but I think things are coming together. According to Dan and Kyler both, the place he lives is pretty nice. So far they have no furniture, but he says it's supposed to be there on Monday. Kyler has experienced the joy of not budgeting well and going hungry for a few days. It appears things are coming together though, so hopefully he will be getting his regular installs soon and all will be well. Today he got a speeding ticket..UGH!! I guess they all have to learn. He feels a little discouraged because his job requires him to communicate with people, not his strong suit, but his is leaping in and trying his best. As Dan and I have discussed many times, even if for some reason down the line things didn't work out, at least he took the leap and tried his best. Stay tuned for more on the Kyler in SC experience. 

Megan is working a little over part time and doing school and working on the last few packets and classes for graduation. She is stressed, but she will get it all done. Today we were making her list for who she wants to send announcements to and talking about designing her announcements. 

Aubree is working part time at the McDonalds across the street. She isn't completely happy with her job, but she goes and does it and is happy when she gets paid. She is very happy to help out any way she can with this. She is struggling with school, but I have faith that she will get it together. 

Jake is about to turn 13. He spends most of his time when he's not in school either hanging with his friends or lately he has been baking a lot. He is a very good cook. A talent I believe he got from his dad. 

We are all missing our Anna. It's weird, we all knew she was going to go home to her own parents and family and happy she did, but to our surprise, we remain very connected to her and miss her a lot. She is doing well in Germany and we keep in contact with her as much as possible. 

Life has been kind of rough for us for a long time, but we keep on trying to move forward as a family a couple and individuals. Hopefully things will start to get a little easier soon. 


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Donna K. Weaver said...

Yeah. What is that quote? Life is hard and then we die?

Life =Rough. Yet I keep thinking I should be in heaven already. lol Silly me. Hang in there!