Monday, May 19, 2014

And the Fun Continues...

Well, there are currently 12 days to graduation. Megan is working hard and I have every confidence all will be fine, but she is freaking me out sometimes ;-). Seminary graduation Was today. (Yes, Megan has attended 4 years of seminary and loved it) She has earned every bit of it.) People have this idea that when Dan and I left the church, we dragged our kids with us kicking and screaming. I fact it has been just the opposite. We told them that it would be there choice always and that we would support them in whatever choice they made regarding religion. Kyler tried to attend the singles ward and I think felt OK with it. Megan has attended seminary faithfully, but not church. She gets tired just like me of over zealous  people thinking they know the word of the almighty and can speak for him.  It's been sad to watch how Dan and I leaving the church made everyone, or at least a majority, of people not be able to understand that we didn't fall off the deep end and we don't now send out evil vibes. With all of the issues I/we have with the church, we are proud of her for going faithfully for 4 years to seminary and earning her diploma. I don't know what she is going to do regarding moving forward in the church or not, but for the last 4 years, I believe that seminary provided her with a place to feel like she was accomplishing something. Kyler as well graduated from 4 years of seminary. It seemed to provide a safe have of sorts, even though he would tell you he hated every minute. Aubree attended during her 9th grade year, but chose not to after that. Not sure what Jake will do, but tonight he said he was not interested. 

Kyler has now been in South Carolina for over a month and seems to be doing well. He sent me a very nice necklace for mothers day. Made me cry. He seems to know how to pick em to make me cry. I'm just so thrilled that he thought of me.    
It says...."Before I knew your ends(on the back of the top heart), I understood your love. Thank you for being a wonderful mom, I love you." I have worried a lot about my mothering abilities, or lack thereof. This and the fact that he seems to be doing well on his own make me feel a little better. 

Aubree is working and going to school. Just trying to get through 10th grade and is learning what it's like to be a little more grown up. She made me a nice piece of art for mothers day and gave me a nice card. She is very talented. 

Jake is almost done with 7th grade. He is pretty trunky. He has worked pretty hard all year as far as grades and stuff. Today he helped with the yard. He is a pretty good kid. He is now a percussionist and does a good job. Hoping to be in jazz band next year. Just went camping with the scouts. Said he had fun. 

So these are the good things going on. In keeping with our usual way of things, there are some not so wonderful things as well. Dan is starting back at Vivint tomorrow. The department is thrilled to have him back.  I have mixed feelings about this. He is doing it so we can try to keep our heads above water and maybe have a little extra from time to time, but it makes him so tired and we never get to see each other. I love him for doing it though. We may accidentally get to see each other for a minute or two when he leaves and I arrive at work. He is not as keen on moving as I am. He wants to stay where we have our home and things. I just want to be in a place we can spread our wings and be ourselves and never have to worry about driving in the snow ;-) We are working to compromise. We will see how things turn out. Last Tuesday he was almost home and someone rear ended him. He says the guy didn't even appear to slow down, just slammed right into him. He is fine, thank God, and the car certainly could have been worse. The issue is that after watching the other guy who hit him hand the police an insurance card and stuff, when Dan called to file a claim he was told he isn't insured. FOR THE LOVE!! This is how things happen for us. We both believe that the car will be totaled when all is said and done. It doesn't look bad from the outside, but once you open the hatchback door, it's pretty obvious. I have to take it in later today to have it estimated. We will see how it turns out. 

School is out in 11 days and the trunkiness is alive and well in this house. This time of year and the 2 weeks before school starts again are some of the hardest days there are. This year has the added stress of getting ready for graduation and stuff. I'm not complaining, I am happy to have the stress of graduation and all of the other stuff we are planning around and because of it. It's just an effect on the family is all. We are so busy some days we don't know where the day went. The next 2 weeks will be interesting, but it's all worth it. 

As for me...I am typing on this blog at 3 AM on a night I don't have to work. I just can't seem to get my body to adjust. I will go back to bed in a bit and try to at least get a few hours sleep. I love my shift and the people I work with on it. Just have to figure out the right combination to get the rest I need. I really trying to get through things and have a better outlook on life. I just need to be able to be me and feel very stifled here, plus my body just doesn't take well to the roller coaster weather. 80's one day :-) and then 30's the next. I know my health would do better elsewhere, but there is a lot of sacrifice for the rest of my family. Hopefully sometime soon we can find the compromise that will make everyone happy. We shall see. 

Well, I hope that everyone is doing well and again, we appreciate those of you who are still hanging in there will us. We really appreciate it. 



Donna K. Weaver said...

Love the Mother's Day presents. I still have a couple of sons who are like, "Mother's Day? What's that?" lol

Hansens said...

Wow! I'm just happy he remembered.